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Model #BRAVO-XJ2



The Bravo-XJ2 is the upgraded version of the Bravo-XJ due to it’s automatic red-dot ability. The Bravo-XJ2 offers automatic red-dot brightness technology – which offers the integrated control circuit to adjust the brightness of the aiming Red-dot to varying light levels in the surroundings. The highly technological brightness sensor on the front of the sight senses the brightness in the targets direction. When the target surroundings are dark, the Red-Dot will be dimmer. When the target surroundings are bright, the Red-Dot will be brighter.

The Bravo-XJ2 Tactical Red-Dot Sight is firmly factory adjusted parallax-free to 40 yards. This adjustment alone ensures the parallax-related aiming errors are minimized over a large distance range.

The Bravo-XJ2 is the choice for a premium military-grade tactical reflex sight for Glocks and other types of hand firearms, but also is equipped with two military grade steel locking screws that are easily adjusted, that provide the ability of the XJ2 to withstand heavy recoil-making it perfect for shotguns, rifles and pistols as well. The Bravo-XJ2 is lightweight, compact and incredibly accurate, allowing it to be designed to provide a wide field view while shooting.

Specifically designed like any tactical close quarters red dot sight to be fired with both eyes open to maintain all-important peripheral vision and depth perception. The XJ2 also is equipped with a self-regulating brightness system that ensures the 3 MOA dot reticle is always visible - but never distracting against any background.

The XJ2 boasts fast target acquisition capability, has unlimited field of view, 1 X magnification and the brightness clarity of the multi-coated Bravo8 optics. The Bravo-X is also equipped with 3 MOA Tactical Red Dot Reticles, an integrated mount (which allows you to attach it to the majority of all weapon systems), and like all Bravo8 Optics is backed by the Bravo8 Lifetime Guarantee.

100% WaterProof, FogProof and ShockProof to withstand and handle all types of recoil.

Bravo-XJ2 Specifications:

Type: Open - Close Quarters Military Spec Tactical Reflex Gun Sight

Reticle Color: Red

Optical Anti-Reflective Coating: Yes

Optical Coating Color: Red

Reticle Type: 3 MOA Dot

Reticle Brightness: Automatic Sensor Technology (The Bravo-XJ2 does not contain a ON/OFF switch. When Red-Dot Sight is covered, it’s automatically placed into “Power Saving Mode‿ (Off). When cover is removed, the Red-Dot is automatically visable)

Finish: Matte Black

Construction Material: Military-Grade Aircraft Aluminum

Mount Type: Weaver/Picatinny

Sight Window: 17X24mm

Magnification: 1x

Eye Relief: Infinite (unlimited)

Field of View (m @ 100 yds): 60 feet

Click Value: 1 MOA/click

Parallax: <3' at 50 yards

Windage/Elevation MOA: 144/180

Battery Type: CR2032 Lithium-Ion (included)

Length: 1.8inches

Weight: 2.4 oz

Waterproof IP Standard: Yes - IPX4 (Completely Waterproof)

Fogproof: Yes

Shockproof: Yes

Bravo XJ2 includes:

  • 1x Bravo-XJ2 Military Spec Reflex Tactical Optic w/ Automatic Sensor Technology

  • 1x Bravo8 Premiere Cleaning Cloth

  • 1x Allen wrench tool

  • 1x Lens Cover

  • 1x CR2032 Lithium-Ion Battery

  • 1x Instruction Manual

  • 1x Lifetime Warranty Card

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