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The BATTALION© Tactical Flashlight is a true Military Grade Flashlight. This flashlight is double-switched and powered by BRAVO8 Tactical Grade Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and designed with a big reflector reaching a max range-throw over 1000M. The Battalion has extremely high reliability and strong operability with four-level brightness and strobe modes with max brightness of 2300 lumens. On the side of the product is a button for changing the mode, and a side switch with an indicator light which displays the current battery level of the flashlight in real time. The Battalion is IPX8-rated waterproof, and drop-tested to 1 meter, suitable for safe operation in outdoor environments. We have personally dropped it off a 4 story hotel building on accident, and it works perfectly.

We absolutely love everything about this flashlight. The price is on the higher end, and we can see why.  BRAVO8 informed us that due to the cost of Military Aircraft Grade Aluminum, all metals and especially construction materials have significantly gone up in price in the United States. The company BRAVO8 informed us of the following: “we priced the BATTALION© at industry standards as they stand today. We could offer a similar light much cheaper, but it would be some cheap China garbage, and that we just will NOT do…”

They continued with: “…We know our customers want an incredible product that’s proudly designed, tested, and constructed all right here in the U.S.A. Not only that, but a seriously hard-core tactical flashlight option that’s multi-use for the avid hunter and outdoors enthusiast alike. You get what you pay for and more, especially when we offer a lifetime guarantee on this must have tactical flashlight. Put it this way, we’ve done everything you could imagine to this flashlight to test it during the most extreme conditions possible, and it passed the test every time. If for some reason it doesn’t meet the expectations of our customer, then we will replace it or do whatever it takes to make it right.”

Coming in at a premium price tag of $379.95 for the BATTALION© Tactical Flashlight and $499.95 for their entire BATTALION© Full Hunting Kit, it truly is a premium style tactical flashlight, with no other kind on the market as mean looking or as versatile. WARNING!! - because this bad boy needs one. The brightness of this product is extremely powerful at 2300 lumens. Don't look directly at the beam to avoid damage to your vision. When the flashlight is running in extreme high mode it will create a lot of heat (average 55 degrees), so we included intelligent temperature control inside the Battalion to maintain comfortable hand-held operating temperature.

It will return to extreme high mode when the temperature is under control. *Don't disassemble the sealing parts in flashlight head, otherwise the warranty will be invalidated, and the flashlight may be damaged. *Please use high-quality batteries. If the flashlight will not be used for a long time, please remove the battery from the flashlight, otherwise the flashlight maybe damaged due to leakage or explosion of some poor-quality batteries. We strongly recommend using BRAVO8 lithium batteries. *Lithium battery should be charged immediately when the battery is not exhausted.

The lithium battery has no memory effect and is easy to damage when stored for a long time at low power. *If the O-ring of the flashlight is damaged after long-term use, please replace the O-ring in time to maintain the waterproof performance of the flashlight.

Made of hard to find aircraft grade aluminum, with surface anti wear treatment of hard anodized oxidation. It also has an amazing slit proof cylinder design making this an easy flashlight to maintain and to hold. Powered by BRAVO8 Tactical Series Lithium-ion or 2*186503.6v/3.7v rechargeable lithium-ion battery with PCB.
It has new built-in intelligent temperature control in case of overheating. It has constant current circuit, constant brightness, memory modes.

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